A Hexapod Robot using Raspberry Pi Zero W


google_play windows linux


This is a hexapod robot based on Smallp Tsai‘s hexapod-v2-7697 project. This project reused most of the mechanical design in the original project, but with a full redesign of the circuits and software. The table below shows the difference between this project and the original one.

Original hexapod-v2-7697 This project
Controller Linkit 7697 Raspberry Pi Zero W or Raspberry Pi Zero W 2
PWM control Custom circuit board 2 x PCA9685 motor driver boards
DC-DC 7 x mini360 modules 2 x XL4005 5A Max DC-DC modules and 1 x mini360
Power 2S Lipo battery 2 x 18650 batteries
Remote BLE WiFi, Bluetooth
Remote software Android and iOS PC, Android


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Zhengyu Peng

Ph.D., Senior Radar Systems Engineer @ Aptiv


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